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How we can all start eating healthier with minimal effort

It is incredibly important when making dietary changes to start small and make achievable goals. The below goal is one that we can all succeed at with minimal effort.

  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet

By sticking to this goal you will decrease the amount of highly processed foods you are eating and increase the amount of nutrients your body is receiving on a daily basis.

Incredibly the stats show that over 50% of adults and 70% of children are still eating fewer than the recommended 5 serves of fresh fruit and veg daily. To get this number up, make sure yours and your children’s plates are half full with fruits and vegetables at every snack and meal.

Here at ProducePronto we offer a variety of fruit in our Office Fruit Delivery boxes. Each colour holds different valuable nutrients that our body needs to thrive, therefore it is important to eat the rainbow, so to speak!

Red fruits such as red apples, red grapes and cherries include Quercetin and Lycopene just to name a few. These nutrients help to lower blood pressure and support our joint tissue.

Orange and yellow fruits such as apricots, golden kiwifruits, oranges, peaches, lemons and nectarines include beta-carotene, vitamin c and flavonoids. These can decrease the risk of developing prostate cancers, they fight free radical damage and can lower cholesterol.

Green fruits such as avocados and kiwifruit include chlorophyll, folate and calcium which can help with stabilising digestion time and boosting immunity.

Blue/Purple fruits such as blueberries, plums and grapes include nutrients such as resveratrol, vitamin c, fibre and ellagic acid. They can support retinal health, fight inflammation and improve the absorption of other minerals.

White fruits such as bananas, brown pears and white peaches include beta-glucans and lignans that have strong immune boosting qualities and can help balance your hormone levels.

The icing on the cake (I mean the juice in the peach) is that it has been proven that eating more fruit and veg actually makes us happier. Don’t believe me? Check out this article.

So, with a weekly office fruit delivery from ProducePronto, we can help aid you in achieving your goal while you’re working. Leave the nutrient business to us and enjoy a box from us with free delivery.