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I won’t mention the fruit company that we were with before, but it just didn’t seem like we were getting what we were paying for. It was mainly just apples and kiwi fruits. It started to get ridiculous with the amount fruit that we were throwing away each week, just because the fruit wouldn’t keep fresh and people were sick of the same fruit.

I received a call from Produce Pronto. They explained that their fresh fruit delivery was the freshest and the highest quality that I would find around Auckland. I have to admit that I was not taken into this at first, as I thought he was just being a good salesman. But he was happy to prove himself right and sent me a sample of the fruit.

My boss, a few members of staff and I were impressed, I believe their words were WOW. I got on the phone and arranged with Produce Pronto to start up our fruit delivery Auckland straight away. I was to be then even more surprised and happy with the cost of the fruit delivery, it was a no brainer to switch over to Produce Pronto. We can actually get strawberries and grapes and so much more variety in our orders now, which is amazing.


Toll Global Forwarding has been enjoying fresh fruit delivered in Auckland from ProducePronto twice a week for close to a year now.

On the whole fruit received from ProducePronto has been of a very high standard, with the fruit delivery always on time. Communication with Produce Pronto is faultless.

I would highly recommend ProducePronto to residential customers and businesses alike.

Toll Global Forwarding

The general feedback that we have had is that the fresh fruit delivery Auckland is fantastic and of really high quality. The staff can’t stop talking about the quantity and quality of it.

Thank you so much for providing us with this great healthy option.

OCG Consulting

We wish to advise that we are very pleased with our fresh fruit basket delivery each Monday. Our staff are very appreciative of the scheme and the fruit delivered is always fresh and good value for money.

I must also comment on the excellent packaging of the fruit which arrives in thick cardboard boxes to avoid any damage in transit.

Briscoe Group

ProducePronto have been fantastic to deal with. Our milk always arrives on time in a refrigerated vehicle and is even delivered direct to our fridge.

The pricing is very competitive and their range caters for everyones palette.

FreshMax NZ

The flowers ProducePronto have been providing our office are stunning. They are always beautifully presented, very fresh and customised to suit our office.

We especially appreciate that they arrive with a clean vase each week which removes the hassle for us.
I must also comment on the excellent packaging of the fruit which arrives in thick cardboard boxes to avoid any damage in transit.

The Tile Depot

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