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Trampolining, Hula Hooping, Paddleboarding & Boxing

Cold nights, warm fires and good television turn us into sloths come winter time. Seriously, any feeble excuse not to step out into the cold and many of us will grab the idea with both (warm) hands.

Staying active in winter can take some effort especially if gyms aren’t your thing, so thank goodness there are lots of alternatives out there making fitness fun, be it group and individual challenges.

What’s not to love about Google? From the comfort of your keyboard it’s easy to order razors to your home, order an office fruit basket delivery or find a manufacturer in rural China. Google is also a great starting point to search for fun, unique fitness activities like the ones below.


The name screams fun – and by all account it is. Imagine a spring-loaded urban playground, suitable for all ages and fitness levels with lots of padding. A typical obstacle course includes tilting ladders, cargo nets, lots of poles, a rock wall, a spider wall and a 12ft high warped wall with an airbag. Trampolining is great for your body especially your core and legs for balance without the shock on the knees and ankles.

Hula Hooping

A hula hoop class? Yes, sir. They are a great resistance tool for stretching, strengthening and aerobic training, mixing in some tricks to impress the kids.


No smelly loud gyms, get your workout on the water. A growing trend where friends get together and take a few lessons or join in the group fitness which focuses on interval training sprints. power paddling, and muscle building exercises.


Set to pumping music, boxing routines are easy to learn and the workout is hard and intense for those who put in maximum effort. Or book in with a trainer if you are looking for some one on one time. It’s also the perfect remedy for improved concentration or after a very bad day at work.

Activities you loved as a kid

Whether it was a team sport or a performing art, chances are you can do it again. Adult dance classes, the office rugby team, mum’s netball team, ballet barre, Bollywood dancing, a social soccer team – they’re all out there.

Or why not organise an office walking group and head out for a 30min walk at lunchtime? And throw in a weekly office fruit basket delivery to help with the diet. Combined, this can really make a difference.

And with 1 in 10 Aucklander’s now 65 years and over, sports and arts for those of us of a ‘mature age’ are only set to grow stronger. Like your arms and legs and core!