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The Apple harvest begins towards the end of summer and lasts until mid Autumn. At ProducePronto we supply New Zealand grown apples throughout the year. New Zealand apples are renowned the world over for their superior quality and flavour. They’re a significant part of the country’s horticultural industry, and along with Kiwifruit are New Zealand’s most exported fruit.

New Zealand will send around 18 million boxes of apples off shore this year. Growers need to export their crops, as there simply aren’t enough people in New Zealand to consume them all, even though at around 20kg’s per person Kiwis have one of the highest rates of apple consumption in the world!

The other reason growers export their fruit is that markets overseas will pay more for them – up to twice the price as can be achieved by selling in New Zealand. At ProducePronto we’re quite particular about our apples. Like they say – one bad apple spoils the bunch. So we insist on export quality, and we make a commitment to our growers so they can keep their best apples onshore – for us.

Our Royal Gala’s are given the royal treatment. Harvested at optimum maturity, and especially cared for right throughout their journey to our fruit boxes, our goal is to deliver your apples in the same condition as when they came off the tree. You could say we really do compare apples with apples….

Healthy eating,

Josh and the team.